It’s just hard to offer your trust when it comes to loving someone who’s miles away from you.

It’s because you’ll never know if that trust is being kept by that person or maybe it’s just thrown away in the trash.

But then again, you still keep on loving each other. No matter how hard it is to trust that person. It’s like knowing how a hundred and one percent thing is so dangerous, yet you still go for it anyway. Uhh, I guess it’s because you’ll never know how it will work out if you won’t even give it a try.

I guess love is all about that. Love is all about taking risks. Love knows no rule. Love will always give us the courage to always try even though things may seem to fall apart.

Favourite Outfits / Candids 2014 (part I) 

Try to count how many times you breathe each day…

If you did, then please do remember that’s how many times I think of you when we are apart.

I am not a very "fish person".

No, not like the odor of the fish. God. You are so wrong. 

I mean, I’m not the type of guy who loves eating fish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I’m really not a fan of fish when it’s on the menu. I don’t know, maybe because there’s just something about it’s taste that makes me feel “unorgasmic”. Lol. Yes! It’s totally not delicious for me. That’s why when there’s lot to choose from on the table, I never choose fish as a part of my meal. Haha!

Anyway, I do eat these sea creatures once in a while, but if given myself the chance to eat it for eternity, then NO. i’d rather hang myself. So, there you go.

You’ll never realize how something is so important until it’s gone…


i want u wrapped in my arms…like a burrito…be my baerrito

I am that latest anon. Oh no, that's totally cool. I have nothing against bisexuals. Good luck with life.

Why thank you. Good luck with life talaga ha? Lol. Thaaaaaanks! Same to you! :)

Hi just wanted to ask in a nice way though, are you straight or not? I like your blog. Anyways stay cool. \m/

Nah, that’s okay. I’ve been asked for a couple of times with that question already. And I’ll say it again…NO, I’m not.

I’m bisexual. And I think there’s nothing wrong with that. Plus, I have a girlfriend right now, so I think everything’s cool. 

Thanks for appreciating my blog, though. And stay cool, too! :)